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Boost Your Faith

by ezatulhada ismail

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Boost Your Faith


  • Over 100 discourses from 52 contemporary Muslim scholars.
  • Snapshots of lessons from 23 luminaries of the Islamic world between the 11th and 21st centuries.
  • A summary of Imam al-Ghazali's 'Muktasar Ihya Ulumuddin'.
  • Highlights of Shaykh Abdul Qadir al-Jilani's counsels delivered in Ramadan 900 years ago.
  • Lessons from Jalaluddin Rumi's 'Quatrains' on the dos and don'ts for a seeker of Truth.
  • An analysis of Martin Lings' insights on Shaykh Ahmad al-Alawi's twenty aphorisms concerning Divine Lordship.

What the readers say

“Congratulations! It’s an attractive book filled with excellent quotations and ​guidance from the past masters and contemporary guides. Jazakallahukhair ​for the hard work.” - Prof Dr Zainiy Uthman / Author

“As a new revert, I found the book ​useful as it offers plenty of important ​lessons and practical tips that would ​have taken me 20 years to discover ​on my own. I feel comforted knowing ​what to focus on right from the start ​and I shall do it with confidence ​because the lessons came straight ​from the renowned International ​scholars.”

- A. Wong / IT Professional

I‘ve been reading the author’s work on her blog ​Lisan al-Din since 2010. I was living in Australia then ​so Eza’s sharing of the Islamic talks she had been ​attending in Kuala Lumpur made me feel close to ​the scholars whom I love and respect. I‘m glad she ​decided to compile more than 100 blog postings ​into this book so that more people could benefit ​from them especially English readers outside ​Malaysia. I think many Muslims in Malaysia were not ​aware of or did not have the opportunity to attend ​those talks especially between 2010 and 2017.

- Noraini Omar / Retiree & Globe Trotter

"I appreciate the author’s thoughtfulness and ​dedication in documenting the lessons from ​over 50 international scholars in this book. I ​am pleasantly surprised and thankful that in ​addition to repurposing the postings from her ​blog, the book has two chapters on lessons ​from many legendary Muslim scholars. I think ​this is a bonus because you get to read some ​rare and precious lessons which the author ​has presented in an engaging and accessible ​format."

- Mehmet / Former Editor

“The book is a very good one, like a shortcut of the ilm (knowledge) on the right path, summarizing abundant reference and trivia knowledge gathered from many different sound sources.” - ‘Boost Your Faith’ Kindle reader

About the Author

Ezatulhada is the writer behind the Lisan al-Din blog who actively shared her notes from hundreds of Islamic talks held in Kuala Lumpur since 2009. 'Boost Your Faith' is her first book encapsulating the lessons she learned, translated and recorded from the talks and her unique collection of books on Sufism. Her Economics degree from the USA and MBA from the UK did not prepare her for a spiritual vocation. However, she finds solace in her Master's degree in Publishing from Scotland because it personifies her passion for sharing knowledge. She lives in Penang where she enjoys rediscovering her hometown and playing hostess with the mostest.

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